Do You Have A Gmail Account Too?

In the generation of digitalization and electronics, even a kid knows how to gain popularity through the social media today. Even a five-year-old today knows how to operate an android and buries his face in phones and tablets.

I remember the good old days when I first started to create a virtual identity through a personal email address. Well, of course, it was Google mail. After all, Google dominates the most of the virtual world of internet today. It has been overwhelming the internet for most of the years in the past.

How to set up a Gmail account

The procedure is quite easy and user-friendly. In fact, over the years the domain has become customer-friendly and totally people oriented. Statistically, the majority of the world’ population have an email address, primary or secondary on Google. Not surprising, is it?

Now we know why we need to have an email address. Either for personal convenience or be it for business purpose, an email identity has become essential to exist today and let people reach you. Almost all the social sites learn your identity based upon your mail id.

Google mail or G-mail

There has been a cold war on this topic but the fact is there shouldn’t even be a battle about it. Both of the above are the same thing. It is only a change of terminology when we notice people from different parts of the world referring to the same Google mail as either of them.

The cool features

Over the years Google has introduced more and more handy tools that are useful, reliable and addictive for the many electronic users. We spend half our lives in the virtual world and knowing setting up a new gmail account is important. This kind of tools and identity not only comes in handy but has become a necessity.

Let us take Youtube or Google Drive or be it Google Translate; the apps are pretty cool and amazing when we talk about their utility and purpose in our day-to-day lives.

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