Features of free standing foundationless JIB crane

If you are on the look for material handling solution that can increase worker productivity and reduce workplace injuries with enhanced safety, JIB cranes are the ideal solutions. This foundationless free standing crane provide a wide range of lifting solutions for plethora of applications. But why are they called foundationless?

They are free standing cranes that doesn’t require a pre-poured foundation. One of the excellent feature of this foundationless JIB cranes are, they can be bolted to virtually any tangible surfaces. If you are looking for further information, read more on foundationless free standing crane.

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Noticeable Features of Free Standing Foundationless JIB Crane

JIB cranes are the best solutions for all your work applications. Let us see some of the exclusive features that makes these cranes truly outstanding

  • Capacity – Free standing cranes have varied capacities ranging from 500 to 1000 lbs. based on the requirement.
  • Roller bearings – These cranes have precision tapered roller bearings that ensures smoother operation and long life of the machine. The roller bearings are located on the top pivot position of the crane. For some conditions, heavy duty roller bearings are used. This type of roller bearings are free to rotate and offer a circular coverage of the machine.
  • Easy to install – JIB cranes acts as an incredible solution for saving your time and money with their easy to install feature. If you had an experience with the poured foundation, you could have realized the difficulties of installation. However this is not the case with free standing foundationless JIB cranes, they are quick and easy to install. Read more about the JIB cranes to discover more features.

Bottom Line

Apart from the above said features, JIB cranes have independent head assembly, recessed bearing assembly and a bolted head connection which provides maximum life for the hoist.



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