Hair Drug Test – How it Works?

Hair and beauty is a multi-billion dollar industry, a woman’s hair is her beauty. They use variety of products to protect and safeguard their hair. Apparently some of the hair products they use, for instance hair sprays, shampoos might consists of toxins which not only causes harm to their scalp rather at-times cost your job.

The general policies of most organizations is to screen their employers for drug test for the workforce safety, avoid absenteeism, insurance cost and so on. Hence it is very important to choose the right shampoo to protect your hair and to pass a hair test. You can visit the website to get a better understanding about the product. But what exactly is a hair test?

Hair Follicle Drug Test – An Overview

A hair follicle hair test generally referred as hair drug test, screens for the usage of prohibited drugs. This is usually done with the hair shafts instead of saliva or other body fluids to check the presence of the illicit substances.  Not only the corporations enforces their employees to carry out the hair drug test, rather the drug test is also carried out for school students since 1997 to ensure that students stay drug free.

The test adopted for school children is called as Psychemedics test. Some chemicals found in soaps and shampoo fail in the drug test, so, it is always advisable to use the best detox shampoo when you want to pass the drug test successful. Click this website to get a better insight about the usage of the best detox shampoo and the benefits you inherit with the usage of this shampoo.


The detox shampoo are specifically created for swimmers whose hair are often intoxicated and damaged with longer exposure to chlorine. So, using the best detox shampoo, you can find beneficial results for all types of hairs.

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