To Know Some Facts about Zinc Chemicals

Global chemical, one of the leading manufacturers of zinc chemical is Thailand based company and is a worldwide exporter of zinc chemicals across the world. It has established in the year 1974, manufacturing only zinc chloride. Now it has gradually enhanced its production and now it produces various types of zinc chemicals that have a wide range of application in various types of industries. Moreover, despite the super quality of the products, it sells them at an affordable price. Given below are some of the application of zinc chemical that it has in different industrial fields you can also go through.

Application of Zinc Chemical on Dry Rubber

The zinc chemical used here is Nano zinc oxide; it is basically used to have the vulcanization in dry rubber and latex. The zinc oxides produced by the company have better surface area and the particles produced are much smaller. These two features help to increase the vulcanization. It has a great impact on the formulation of rubber.

Nano Zinc Oxide

Application in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Nano Zinc oxide also has applications in the field of the pharmaceutical industry. The property of zinc oxide to be stable in sunlight has widened its application in this field. It is used as major ingredients for producing sunscreen. The Nano zinc oxide present in lotions helps to protect harmful UV rays of the sun. This UV rays are very much dangerous and can damage your skin cells.

Application of Zinc Chemical in Galvanizing Industries

Plastic materials are coated with zinc chemicals for protection against UV rays. It is also used to deliver antibacterial nutrient.

Zinc chemical has many applications in industries. For more information, you can search on google for the company this will help you to get detailed information. You can also check the address provided there if you want to contact them.

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